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About MannRaahi

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Adolescents are a particularly vulnerable group, affected in a myriad of ways. According to the NCRB data, 31 students died by suicide everyday in the year 2020 (a staggering 21% rise from 2018!). We are clearly on the brink of a Mental Health Crisis! 

The Indian school ecosystem currently does not offer substantial mental health support and mental health wellness initiatives for young students. On the other hand, school educators are not enabled to identify and address mental health concerns among teens, until it is too late. 


MannRaahi aims to solve this problem by building mental health solutions to enable the educators & school ecosystem in accelerating the identification stage so that the students can be provided with immediate and affordable counseling support. Following a holistic and multi-contextual approach to mental health, our team of experts are well equipped to support these young minds and handhold them towards building their mental strength and developing an overall positive approach that leads them towards a happy and purposeful life.

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