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Family Partnership

Families play a critical role in how adolescents think, feel and act. Family relationships flourish when adolescents are involved in decision making, their viewpoints are acknowledged, their demands are rationally negotiated with, and last but not the least, they are treated with respect and dignity.

Navigating adolescent parenting is a challenging task for the families, especially parents and guardians. MannRaahi perceives families as important partners and focuses on their education and empowerment so that they are equipped to support adolescents, schools and their own family units, thus promoting an overall harmonious environment.

Family Workshops

MannRaahi in collaboration with schools host family workshops to educate and empower them around mental health.

Parenting Roadmap

A fun guidebook to navigate the challenges of adolescent parenting. It has over 50+ DIY activities and suggestions around a wide variety of adolescent issues.

Resources for Families

Explore our curated list of resources for parents that will help them to take care of their teen’s mental health needs.

Interactive Live Courses

MannRaahi conducts live cohort based courses for adolescents and parents. These 6 week courses aims to co-create ways to understand each other,  and learn to strengthen the parent-child bonds.

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Contact Us

To know more about family partnership programs, write to us on our Contact Page.

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