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Share your creativity with us and get featured on our website.
Any form of art is accepted; it can be any drawing, poem, photograph you clicked or a video of you singing/dancing etc. You decide your anonymity. 
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When teens talk, other teens listen!
Go express your self the way you do best!

Books by Teenagers

Front Cover

14-year-old students wrote a BOOK TOGETHER!

45 young 14-year-old empathetic students have co-authored this book. They are first-time writers, but they are very passionate about spreading awareness and taking action in their capacity. They are extremely sad and furious after they interviewed the homeless and roadside vendors of Mundhwa, Pune as part of their English project. But they made it their mission to bring these unheard stories out to the whole world in the form of this book.

Back Cover.jpg


By Pooja Jhakhar
Chocolate Muffins
By Rupsha
Focaccia Bread
By Rupsha
Yin and Yang by Pooja
Psi symbol
Yin and Yang
3 D Zen Drawing


Short Films by students

Invisible Scars
This short film was directed and produced by Dhruvajyoti Sahu. Dhruv made this film while studying in 12th standard at Gear Innovative International School, Bangalore. He was 17 years old then. 

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