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School Policy & Staff Engagement 

Prepare your school to forge an inclusive and safe mental health culture through constructive policies, rigorous capacity building, strong educator support structures, continuous staff engagement and a strong focus on self-care & mental wellbeing. These practices will help create a stimulating environment for meaningful conversations, early identification and intervention, thus promoting positive mental health.


School Policy

We help schools to align and integrate their policy as per the Mental Health Care Act 2017. We also assist in setting up a Mental Health Taskforce, outline best practices, adopt suitable interventions, leverage partnerships, access mental health communities, and more.


Staff Capacity Building & Engagement

Conduct a 90-minute training program for the staff to educate and align them with school policies and protocols pertaining to mental health. Long-term engagement via resources to promote personal self-care and mental wellbeing, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and a shared vision, vocabulary and more.


Educator Support

Need-based support is available for educators, mental health staff, and school administrators via audio/video call. Become a part of the MannRaahi Educator community to discuss challenges, make referrals and share best practices.

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