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Teen Empowerment

MannRaahi believes that today, our adolescents are infused with power and energy to bring a new level of thinking, innovation & imagination, and creativity to solve the most challenging problems that the world is grappling with. With the right guidance, appropriate tools, and some friendly nudges they can demonstrate a great potential to drive positive social change in the world.

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TACs offer teens an opportunity to take up leadership roles in their school around mental health by normalising mental health conversations, promoting positive mental health, learning how to give psychological first aid and building a culture of inclusiveness. 


STEP encourages teens to use their diverse voices around mental health as engines of change in their schools and communities. Teens get an opportunity to spread the message of positive mental health by raising awareness, reducing stigma and promoting help-seeking.

Importance of Student-Powered Initiatives​

When one student speaks, other students listen. When one student shares their story, other students feel that it is okay to share their story too. With an increased flow of communication around mental health in schools, students understand the need to openly talk about their mental health and learn the appropriate tools to manage it effectively on a daily basis. 

When it comes from their peers, they quickly realise that it is nothing to hide or to be ashamed of. Student-led initiatives can raise awareness by raising hope for a happy and fruitful future.

MannRaahi proudly encourages teens to start Teen Action Club (TAC) and School Teen Envoy Program (STEP) in their schools, thus becoming a beacon of hope in their school community.

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