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Do you remember the last time you had visited a doctor for a physical injury or illness?

Largely, our first thought is to seek required medical care for any physical ailment. In most cases, there is no question that it is painful and that care and attention are needed, liked even. Then why is it that we don’t deal with the suffering of the mental and emotional nature in a similar manner?

In our modern society, mental health issues are often stigmatized and invalidated. We have to collectively understand that mental health issues are real issues that many people around us are dealing with in their everyday lives. 

We all are humans, and enough of us would need external help and interventions at times. Therefore, such issues in no shape or form make a person weak. The shame that is associated with people seeking help for their mental health, is appalling. Rather it should be appreciated as it takes courage and is a huge step towards healing. 

Understanding, compassion, and empathy are very important in such cases as most of the time mental health issues are ignored and dismissed despite being something as common as the common cold. Normalizing seeking help for any type of issue that people are facing is basic for the well-being of any society. Therefore, in doing so, we in a collective effort would help heal one another.

With such understanding and progressive thinking, it is counseling and support for our mental health that should be normalized in our society, not the harmful notions surrounding it. From breakups to just venting, counseling provides a safe space for dealing with diverse human emotions. Everyone deserves such empowerment and support which can be accessed conveniently.

“It’s okay to not be okay”, it’s time we practice it. 

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