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Our Approach

Every child grows up in a specific socio-cultural context that comprises physical, social, cultural, economic and historical circumstances that influence their childhood. Research shows that child's development is largely influenced by their socio-cultural context. Children and adolescents who grow up in supportive, sensitive and exploratory learning environments, be it at schools, families or communities, have higher chances of creating a productive and successful life. 

We, at MannRaahi, believe in a community-based approach where all the stakeholders play an important role in fulfilling our mission to provide mental health literacy and affordable and accessible mental health support structures to adolescents.


We also acknowledge and act upon the equal importance of mounting mental health structures for the entire ecosystem including the teachers, parents, siblings, peer group, school administrators, etc. For guiding and counseling teens and other stakeholders, MannRaahi adopts an affirmative, inclusive and holistic approach. We shape the experiences of the teens' mental health journey in such a manner that the other stakeholders can positively contribute to their transition from a confused teen into a happy, empowered and successful young adult!

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Our 4-Way Partnership Approach for Teens' Mental Wellness

      We are in this Together!     

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