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Janaki Nagaraja

Learning & Curriculum Associate

Janaki completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, English literature and Journalism from Mount Carmel College, followed by Master of Science in Psychology from SDM PG College. She has previously interned at Times of India, where she wrote and edited articles under city and politics. She also worked as a content writer and blogger for an educational and mental health awareness platform for psychology students. She has interned in hospital settings under the supervision of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. She has provided individual and group counselling for clients from the clinical as well as non-clinical population, and developed an expertise in behaviour modification, behaviour therapy and relaxation techniques, along with administering psychological tests. She has worked with clients across age groups and genders. 

Janaki is currently freelancing as a mental health counsellor, and has previously worked for the Mindrise Project under Progressive Foundation, where she was a part of the counselling team and has provided emotional and academic counselling for children, adolescents and young adults affected by the pandemic. She was able to assist them through concerns such as grief, trauma, anxiety, interpersonal issues and career guidance. Janaki is an advocate for feminism and queer rights. She is passionate about contributing to the field of mental health through writing, research and counselling. Outside of work, she loves to declutter spaces, is a plant parent, enjoys reading books and spends time watching movies and series.

Janaki Nagaraja
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