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The cool kid versus
the calm kid

My early teens marked the boom of social media. It was common for thirteen-year-olds to have a smartphone and social media accounts. However, keeping my safety and many other things in mind my parents did not allow me to have the same. Even though at that time it gave me a sense of FOMO, I am really thankful to my parents for doing so.
At that time everyone around my age was preoccupied with brands, being “the cool kids” and looking good. With time I began to develop a sense of inferiority complex. The belief that I was not good enough had occupied my thoughts. Partly due to these self–confidence issues and partly due to personal and family issues I started getting distracted causing my grades to drop. This was a huge blow to my self-esteem as I was identified as being a bright kid. I felt as though I was nothing if I didn’t score well. This eventually developed into examination phobia. All these issues were pent up and compounded into anxiety. I am grateful that my parents were very understanding. We sought help from a counseling psychologist. The counseling sessions helped me in building my confidence and personality back up. My parents and siblings also supported me in the journey. I am doing very well now.
To anyone who is going through something similar, don’t keep it in. Ask for help. You deserve support. You are worthy and beautiful no matter what!

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