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I am a Feminist Mom… Raising a Feminist Son!

I am a feminist mom.

I am determined to raise a feminist son.

I encourage gender neutral language at home.

I give lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles.

I encourage healthy expression of emotions,

yes tears are allowed as much as the rib tickles.

He knows that mommy cries at times and so can he.

I create opportunities to develop empathy, kindness & sensitivity,

not just towards animals but for Mother Nature, for I know these are a man’s greatest virtues.

I facilitate him to make his independent choices.

He picks his clothes, and footwear on most of the days.

He prefers pink and lilac as much as he picks blues and blacks.

In playground, he directs me to his favourite swings, and friends.

He spends lot of time doing unstructured play.

He interacts with people only when he wants to.

He sees his mom work like a man.

He knows a man can work like a woman too.

I want him to become who he wants to be for himself.

This means to be moved by the voice from within himself

Rather than being persuaded by the threatening and persuasive voices from the outside,

Pressuring him to be what the world wants him to be.

Yes, I am a feminist mom.

Trying to raise a feminist son.

Because I was raised by my feminist Grandmom.

Just like her, I am taking each day as it comes.

Teaching him that a heroine is as powerful and important as a hero.

I hope that such baby steps go a long way! ❤️


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