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Breaking boundaries: A Humanistic Perspective

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

The entire idea of creating boundaries is very notorious. It is just to create social exclusion on the basis of race, religion, caste, sex etc. We are all humans and in most communities of the world the earth is considered as our nurturing mother. Being the egotistical children of earth, we believe that it is our right to draw boundaries on her bosom, thus setting areas for our movements and interactions. The parameters of differences set by us are so large in numbers that it seems very difficult to identify with people from across boundaries. Sometimes, I wonder what good do we extract in marking territories?

Take a moment and think of a world with no boundaries. No maps. No LOCS/borders to be guarded. No greed to colonise other lands. What if we suddenly wake up to a world like this? Where you can go freely to any part on the earth without having to go through the hassles of visa and long security checks. A world where everyone is welcomed with smile on lips and warmth in hearts. A world where there is no ‘us v/s them’. A world where we are not Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese etc. but we are all simply ‘Earthians’.

As much as this may seem logically impractical; the least that could be done is to prevent the minds of people from getting polluted with the ideas of social exclusivity. In our world, being born in a particular religion, caste, country, with a skin complexion, sex etc. puts certain people at a superior and privileged status. If at all any ideology needs to be considered, why can’t it be of social inclusiveness? Irrespective of any social demographic or physical difference, why can’t everyone be viewed with a lens of love and respect?

Stop propagating nationalism in the name of mindless politics. True nationalism is to understand our rich heritage and spread some knowledge among the fellow countrymen. Perhaps the so called ‘nationalists’ wouldn’t know (or don’t want to realize) that India, since centuries, believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which is described in Maha Upanishad meaning the world is one large family.

Don’t we all experience differences of opinions in our families? But do we tag our family members with different perspectives as anti family? No. Then why do we don’t bother to think even twice before labelling fellow countrymen with different opinions as anti-nationals? Heights of unfairness! There are thousands of anti-nationals (and anti humans) not only in our country but in the entire world under the garb of nationalists and peace makers. But do we even use our minds to identify them? I am not saying that anti nationals shouldn’t be punished or publicly brought out. My point is that lot of thinking and mindfulness should go into the process before labelling people as anti nationals so that any person with simply a different opinion from ours shouldn’t be forcefully put in the category of ‘anti nationals’.

If having this set of beliefs qualify me as an anti national, then let it be. We don’t need to prove our love for our country to anyone. I would like to specially mention here that I strongly condemn terrorism or any anti human activity but fighting in the name of assumed patriotism is not what i can ever support. It is a waste of time and resources. Patriotism is something highly intrinsic which needs no words to express. It is well reflected in actions.

The world needs so much of action oriented people and responsible media but getting involved in such controversial issues deplete our time, energy and resources.

I am a proud Indian but before that i am a human because that’s what I am born as. It doesn’t matter what race, colour, religion, country, sex you are born into as long as you can remain grounded to your basic biology i.e. being born as a human.

The rule to live should be simple: Don’t let your country down and don’t pull other countries down. Love and respect all. Appreciate Diversity not only in culture but also in thinking.

Spread Love. Because that’s what we all need.

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