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Becoming Body positive

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

What body positivity means in the digital media age and its implications on teen psychology and mental health

Almost all of us look at ourselves in the mirror at least once. Don’t we? Are we able to see our inner self? An effort to see one’s inner self is required in the present world, wouldn’t you agree? No matter how we look externally, our internal appearance is what matters. ‘Inner self’ portrays the nature of a person and also one’s inner values: compassion, sympathy, positivity, helpfulness, love, care, etc.

Now quickly turn on the selfie camera and see yourself from your inner lens of optimism:

1. Notice what you like in yourself!

You can try to list out your positive attributes so that they seem more tangible. For instance, your helpful attitude, the kind deed you did today, is something that one can cherish for a lifetime and not many people are able to identify.

2. Have a regular check on your social media activity!

How? Remove likes on social media accounts, schedule breaks on Instagram, check the screen time on social media apps. This ensures that it does not have a detrimental impact on your attitude towards yourself. For instance, the number of likes or comments that you get on your picture posted on social media must not be seen as a rating scale.

3. Concentrate on yourself!

Try to take out time for yourself and listen to your favourite hit songs or do whatever you like to do. This makes you feel happy and delighted.

4. Talk to a confidant!

Try to talk to anyone you consider a confidante, it could be your friends, family or a trusted adult and try to vent out your concern or thoughts regarding the same. The more you share your feelings the lighter you feel.


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